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Varistha Infracon Pvt. Ltd. (VIP)

Varistha Infracon Pvt. Ltd.

Varistha Infracon was established in 2015. Our two decades in business has seen us satisfactorily service 2000 customers. We have gainfully employed 1000 people directly and indirectly.

Varistha Infracon Pvt. Ltd. (VIP) is a progressive and quality-conscious infrastructure enterprise with an emerging presence in the real estate vertical. VIP is focused on envisioning and crafting distinctive projects in the residential as well as commercial spaces. The company has firmly positioned itself as an integrated real estate player offering full-spectrum services from land identification and acquisition to project planning, designing, execution, and marketing.

True to its name, (Varistha means ‘excellence’) VIP is committed to crafting superlative projects that set the quality standards in real estate. VIP is passionate about infusing dynamism into the real estate sector and redefining the game with its penchant for innovation. As a professionally-managed and values-driven enterprise, the company seeks to build trust and credibility in the market by ensuring transparency in every dimension of its operations.

VIP is committed to creating residential and commercial landmarks that ensure optimal value and delight for every square foot of construction. The company endeavors to address a wide market with its benchmark offerings that span different price points across affordable and luxury projects. VIP is set for prolific growth ahead and has drawn up plans to expand its footprint across the country. The company is targeting a pan-India presence by ensuring comprehensive real estate offerings ranging from apartments, gated communities, and plots to corporate offices and other commercial establishments.

As an ambitious enterprise with a bold vision for the future, VIP is aggressively chasing growth and is striving to consolidate its presence in the real estate sector before foraying into different verticals of the infrastructure industry. The company is also working towards establishing a dominant presence in Healthcare, Hospitality, and Education. VIP is a socially responsible corporate citizen. The company strives to give back to society by setting aside a portion of its profits for philanthropic endeavors. VIP also undertakes activities to build awareness on environment conservation and promote a cleaner, greener, and healthier world.

Chairman Message

Varistha Infracon Pvt. Ltd. (VIP), I would like to welcome you to our new website www.varisthainfracon.com and thank you for your interest in our organization. We hope this site answers questions you may have and provides the information you are looking for.

Varistha Infracon Pvt. Ltd. has real estate-Investment continues to grow since two decades Our vision is to achieve global eminence in the real estate industries and to be a partner of choice to all our stakeholders in our chosen areas of expertise. We are committed to providing safe services of measurable quality at cost-effective and competitive prices.

The success of Varistha Infracon Pvt. Ltd. is due to the skills and attitude of our employees and our ability to respond quickly to the needs of our clients worldwide with the absolute minimum of bureaucracy. Satisfied customers are fundamental to the prosperity of our business. We are dedicated to an effective partnership with our clients, in order to attain our aims of achieving mutual objectives and shared goals.



Founder & Chairmen

Who We Are

We have taken up this mission of promoting the housing ventures in accordance with the international call of different bodies of UN augmenting the preparedness for meeting the urban housing challenges with the primary motto of imploring our services to earn an image of Industry Leader and a Market-Driven real estate Company symbolic of excellence, quality, performance, and reliability meeting the customer satisfaction and area-specific requirements.

The Vision Statement has been inspired by the rapidly growing Varistha Infra landscape which is noted as one very fastest-growing city in Asia and further getting as the major catch of the NRI needs of tomorrow with the business and working industrial populace as the central focus.

Why Choose Us

Your time is worth and we respect it. So let us be your liaison between one of your biggest investment and we always respond to you in a timely manner. The project is well equipped with all modern days amenities and basic facilities.


Trust is important to us. We value and respect the faith our customers have on us. We believe in keeping our promises and we deliver on time every time.

Solid Brand Reputation

We have been in business for more than two Decades and have built a trustworthy brand. We are a long time player – not a fly by night operator.

Customer Loyalty

Over these two Decades, we have serviced many satisfied customers. Many customers continue to trust us with their savings as we have always maintained a long-term relationship with them.


At the heart of Varistha’s operational paradigm is its passion for ensuring outstanding value. Every project from the company comes with the assurance of superlative quality. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident across project stages right from project design to sourcing of material, construction, finishing standards, and delivery.

At Varistha, Quality takes precedence above all else. Stringent quality checks are undertaken at every stage, including the selection of vendors and screening of critical resources deployed for executing projects. The company’s flair for innovation combined with its zeal to raise the bar and set industry benchmarks ensures top value that will delight customers.

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